based in Tokyo

  • The vintage boutique, ”HAND”

    opens for only once a week every month.

    HAND mainly deals with vintage clothes and accessories hand-picked by exclusive buyers, up-cycled items, carefully modified remakes, and “original products that we want to make, at the appropriate time”.

  • The boutique, which was reborn by renovating a small factory built in 1969, is specially designed by the detailed handiwork of craftsmen.
    The interior of the boutique, which is decorated with vintage furniture from the 1940s to 1980s collected from Japan and overseas, is carefully selected by HAND buyers. The interior aims to introduce guests with clothes, objects, confectioneries and other items that HAND desires to.

  • HAND is a boutique that keeps a distance from the existing production cycles of the apparel industry. We work with producers who can communicate their intentions directly, and deliver carefully hand-finished items while valuing the feeling of handing them over to each guest.


    Please enjoy the unique charm of the world born from our hands, not only in the closet but throughout your lifestyle.